What not to say to people when they expect you to say something


The world died and built itself up again with the despicable reliance of you on that word. Really? Hmm?! The blind and the deaf thought it’s not worth learning the verbal language when they saw you use “hmm”.

The second worst thing you can say is,”Alright, well, I’m going to get some sleep now.” Okay, then. My purpose of telling you what I told was so you can roll over in bed.

When people, your friends-specifically, tell you something that is really fucking up in their life, and I mean the, can’t-fix-it, not-in-their-hands kinda fixed, when it is so bad that you just want to disappear because you know that no words of yours will make it any better for them, and your thoughts will make it even worse, that’s when you don’t rely on such words. They know it is bad. They know you can’t do anything. But they’re telling you. And the only reason why somebody ever tells anybody else anything is so that it is heard. So, hear it. Hear not just the fact, but the consequences arising from the fact, the hopelessness, the feelings of defeat. Share. Share your shoulder to cry on, and if that’s too squishy and crampy, share your virtual shoulder… share your BBM chat window which is where most of our conversations take place anyway..that, or text windows. Talk. About anything and everything regarding the topic, and if the person says they don’t want to talk about it any more, then stay silent. THEN, use the word “Hmm.”  When you ask them if they are alright, and they say “It’s cool, I’m ok”, that is when you know they aren’t. Because if anyone needs to say this out loud, then they aren’t. Stay there; talk to them about something else. About how your fish died, or tell them the little secret that you’ve been keeping too close to your heart. Anything . But don’t let it be like a blank. Silence is the most beautiful form of communications, but absence of words,absence of communication isn’t.